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Construction of the flute: I placed the original top hole in back to better fit the hand. The broken hole at the bottom of the original flute is again complete and I cut the length of the flute in tune with the scale. The original flute was extremely thin and short giving it a very high pitch.

My flute is wider and longer, giving it a more mellow voice which is likely the direction this flute would have evolved into as flutes moved into being made in Europe out of wood.

These 35, to 40,year-old finds are the oldest known musical instruments in the world, says archaeologist and project director Nicholas Conard of the University of Tuebingen in Germany. The bone flute, which excavators found in 12 pieces, and the ivory flutes were discovered in the summer of at Hohle Fels cave, when people first migrated to Europe.

Archaeologists and other scholars can only speculate as to what moved these early Europeans to make music. It so happens that the Hohle Fels flute was uncovered in sediments a few feet away from the carved figurine of a busty, nude woman , also around 35, years old, noted Dr. Conard and his co-authors, Susanne C. That discovery was announced in May by Dr.

Was this evidence of happy hours after the hunt?

Neanderthal flute

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Mammoth-bone flute proves that German cavemen were playing music more than 40,000 years BC

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