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Synopsis About this title Professor Simon Shaw, a Pulitizer Prizewinning author and amateur sleuth, finds himself embroiled in a new case involving an old crime, when he is asked to examine what appears to be an old diver's outfit, possibly containing a body, that has been found in the ocean off North Carolina. From Publishers Weekly : Forensic historian Simon Shaw, who made his debut in Simon Said, gets an unexpected and unwelcome opportunity to exercise his unique skills during a Thanksgiving vacation on Pearlie Beach--a small island off the North Carolina coast.

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Copyright Cahners Business Information, Inc. Buy New Learn more about this copy. Other Popular Editions of the Same Title. Search for all books with this author and title. Customers who bought this item also bought. Stock Image. Published by Minotaur Books New Hardcover Quantity Available: 1. Seller Rating:. Published by Minotaur Books. University of Pennsylvania criminologist John MacDonald agrees. Zimring essentially pioneered the study of gun violence, he says, and blazed a path for other criminologists by using methods that were then new to the field.

You can see that throughout his career. That has, I think, shaped multiple generations of criminologists, so that when they see a policy change, they question whether the consequences of those policy changes are what people think they are.

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Even in contemporary times, criminologists have been quick to accept police arrest statistics at face value and slow to question the racial concentration of law enforcement. The J. Once you have started the book it will be difficult to put it down. The twists are most unexpected. I like the professor--he is an interesting character, and I love the college campus setting.

I think that Simon is part historian, part forensic specialist. Edge of the seat at times, really kept me interested throughout. Anybody that likes history, mystery and suspense would like this book. Fun read. Professor Shaw smart but socially inept. He stumbles into mysterys.

I have read three Simon Shaw myesteries and this one is as good as the first two. I have found it to be very interesting and it holds my courisity chapter to chapter. I would recommend this book for a good reading choice.

Fugitive King: A Professor Simon Shaw Mystery

Easy reading, great stories! I love this series and have let the author know that I appreciate them and can't wait for more! Shame on the publisher for very poor job of conversion to ebook. I feel sorry for the author because this is a pretty decent book but the lack of proof reading and editing of the ebook version has taken much of the enjoyment out of the reading. A year date at the end of a sentence is simply replaced with a blank - such as "this happened in I think this is happening during the page number removal process.

It is just plain sloppiness that there is no proof reading or fixing this. We the book buyers should demand our money back, if this would be the case in a hard back book, the book store would have to take a return.

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This really destroys the value of the ebook and can hurt this industry if it does not improve. I for one will start asking for my money back at the store, I hope they take this seriously.

Author did not give away the ending prematurely. She gave closure to the story. The next will be even better. Just the right combination of a little history, science, humor, and great characters. Throw in a touch of ill-fated love and you've got yourself a good read I thoroughly enjoyed it. Picked this up on a lark Some typos but completely readable. The pace was on par with good plot development. This was a free download compliments of the author and I immediately purchased other books in the series after reading it, as I enjoyed this one so much.

I Loved it!!!

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Definitely Edge of my seat thriller!!! I would recommend it to anyone who wants a good read!!! Shaber does a nice job creating a mystery puzzle. I thoroughly enjoyed the murder mystery of the past while murder attempts are going on in the present. It was an intriguing change of pace for me. With all of the suspense it is nice to have a little clean romance going on as well. I would recommend reading this book. I love the characters especially Simon great historical thriller. I would read again.

I loved the ladies that spun the yarns of time for Simon solve the murder. Good but easily worked out. Characters very likable. Interesting with many historical facts but the story line was pretty weak. Good story, just several places that were boring to get through. It was a lovely clean book, i. The mystery was fun. I would recommend it for a quick read. Very easy to put down and pick up later after a break and know where you were. I love the historical aspect of it.

Good story and ok characters. Writing ok. My main criticism is the obvious errors and unfinished sentences. This book needs an editor and a proof reader. Disappointing to pay for a book and have so many errors that are there just due to sloppiness. I enjoyed it immensely. Already read the second book in the series and purchased the third book in the series.

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