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Trump then attacked the minority lawmakers in tweets that the House of Representatives, under Pelosi's leadership, afterward voted to condemn as racist. While Trump's attack was seen by some as an attempt to divide Democrats, it gave Pelosi a chance to come to the squad's defence and reset her relationship with the lawmakers as the congressional and presidential elections approach. Sarah Matthews, the Trump campaign's deputy press secretary, on Friday poked fun at the meeting of Pelosi and Ocasio-Cortez, saying, "So nice for the leader of the Democratic party to take time out of her busy schedule to meet with Nancy Pelosi.

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Grand Theft Auto V - Part 79: Bury the Hatchet HD

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He will be missed but never forgotten. McCormack's family shared a remembrance of the singer on Sunday. Wherever he performed he gave his all," they wrote. Molly Hatchet fans know how much time Phil spent with them before and after each show.

He loved meeting people and sharing time with them. Being on stage was where Phil felt at home. He connected with his audiences, fully tuned into the moment he was sharing with them. He was living his dream, a dream he never took for granted.

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That meant a lot to him. While no one was hurt, the bus driver was eventually suspended and ordered to retraining for the scuffle.

Around p. As the passenger tried to show the driver his card, video shows the driver, Eric Miller using his thumb to point toward the seating area behind him, implying that the passenger should go sit down. The passenger can be seen reaching toward his pocket, then pulling out a hatchet and swinging it at the bus driver.

Grand Theft Auto V - Part 79: Bury the Hatchet HD