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Think big — as in career, marriage, or life-ending stakes — or stay small. Just make sure your conflict is clear and identifiable to readers. With the stakes established, make sure to end your story in a way that resonates with readers. To create stakes, your characters must be at risk of losing something. Make sure those stakes are enough to keep readers interested.

How To Write Flash Fiction (and why you should!) — Well-Storied.

Then, end the story in a way that pays off for readers. Surprise them! Readers will see it coming from a mile away.

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For examples of effective short story endings, watch a season of The Twilight Zone. Those writers knew how to subvert expectations with endings that felt earned. In flash fiction, you need to cut your story down to the bare bones. Every word should push the story forward.

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  7. Instead, depend on subtext. Hint at setting, characterization, and backstory, then let readers fill in the blanks. Spend your words on vivid imagery and powerful prose instead.

    Flash Fiction FAQs

    Readers love stories that challenge them, stories that put their imagination to work. They want to excavate narratives and find meaning on their own. There are many professional writers who have mastered flash fiction. You should be reading their work for two reasons:. That way you can find inspiration while learning the ins and outs of a good flash story. Reading flash fiction is a great way to pass time. A good flash fiction story will always be satisfying despite its brevity.

    Now that you have a place to start, go out and find a few more flash stories to read. See if your favorite author has some flash fiction on their resume. Flash fiction is a challenging form that forces the writer to distill all the elements of a good story into 1, words or less. How To Write Flash Fiction and why you should!

    Tip 1: Develop a Story Arc. Tip 2: Limit Your Imagination. Tip 3: Dial up the Conflict. Tip 4: End with a Bang. Tip 5: Rely on Subtext. Tip 6: Read Great Flash Fiction. A big thank you to John for sharing the power of writing flash fiction with us today. For more from John, make sure to follow his website at www. You can also click here to learn how to submit your own guest post for publication. Related Articles:. Perhaps the greatest asset for a flash writer is the ability to create character through voice.

    That skill is well worth exploring, and the best exploration is either through just doing it, or by reading what others do. David Gaffney, Stories in your pocket: how to write flash fiction , The Guardian. When it comes to flash fiction you have to be clever. There will be instances where you will want to tell, instead of show. One sentence may be all you need to explain a sordid past as a stripper, hitman, or crooked banker.

    Think of the tip of the iceberg—show us that, but not the entire mountain of ice and snow.

    You only have room for one main character, so choose her well. Because flash fiction is about focus, all of her qualities focus themselves on supporting her single compelling need. Flash fiction takes this to the extreme.

    What is flash fiction?

    Therefore, since brevity is the soul of wit, And tediousness the limbs and outward flourishes, I will be brief. Katharine Hepburn. The best way to improve your flash fiction writing is to write more flash fiction and read more flash fiction! We publish a new flash fiction every day.