10 Tips for Truck Drivers

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As a truck driver, there are some simple things that you can do every day to ensure your own safety, as well as the safety of other drivers who share the road. To help make the roads safer, America Truck Driving School is happy to share a few of those safety tips below.

10 Tips to Become A Healthy Trucker

Wear Your Seatbelt Studies show that roughly 1 in 6 truck drivers do not wear their safety belts. Not only is it careless, but it is now illegal in most states to use a handheld mobile phone while driving. Talking, texting or looking at your phone screen is distracting and can lead to a serious accident.

Speed limits are there, especially ones specifically noted for trucks. Stay within the speed limit and you will stay safer on the road. While it may sound obvious, drinking and driving is very dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. Drugs include anything that impairs your judgment or physical faculties, such as medications that may cause drowsiness. Allow loads of room for passing — Check out how long the load is before you decide to pass — some trucks pull two trailers.

And you might get to see something really cool being moved — like a gigantic windmill blade or a house!

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Stay out of the squeeze — Being long, trucks and their loads need more room to pivot. When turning right, the truck may swing wide into the lane beside, and motorists might mistakenly think that the right lane has become available. But the gap is only temporary, and as the trailer travels around the corner, it returns to the right lane. Not a nice, friendly squeeze! Do not come alongside the left side of the truck, as it travels to the right. The truck will be re-occupying the left lane. Move a few feet from the road, or go up on the curb to allow some breathing room.

Pedestrians standing at the corner of an intersection are vulnerable if the trailer creeps onto the shoulder. Stand back from the roadway and keep your eyes on the traffic.

Backing Up- Truck Driver Tips and Tricks

Tune into turbulence — Yes, you already have your seatbelt fastened, but did you consider how large transport trucks in motion create wind currents and changes in air pressure? Turbulence can make it more difficult to control your vehicle, especially on slippery roads.

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Whenever trucks are coming or going near you, keep a firm hold of your steering wheel. Watch for heavy weather — In nasty weather, big trucks may throw extra snow, mud, rain and slush onto your windshield and obscure the view ahead. Beware the roll — When a truck that is facing uphill releases its brakes, the truck may roll backwards a bit before moving ahead. Allow some extra space for this when you are behind a stopped truck.

Find a Truck Driving Job

Signal early and follow four seconds behind. Keep out of runaway lanes — When heavy trucks going down certain BC mountain roads find themselves out of control, they can take runaway lanes to prevent a crash and possibly save their lives and the lives of others. So, NEVER stop in a runaway lane — they are emergency exits for the sole use of commercial truck drivers. There are a surprising number of motorists who block runaway lanes, to take a break, pull out a picnic or even go tobogganing.

Runaway lanes are life-saving emergency exits for trucks. Photo courtesy Mike Horsley. Consider the needs of truckers, who work long, unpredictable hours in often trying conditions…Please do not park in spaces designed for commercial vehicles. Drivers of big rigs need room to park, conduct brake checks, take their required rest breaks, stop at vehicle inspection stations, and then pull forward smoothly to hit the road again. We ask that you not use the facilities at vehicle inspection stations, but instead stop at our highway rest areas.

Photo courtesy of Kristin McCallum. Despite their different-sized vehicles, truck drivers and non-commercial drivers have a shared interest in getting to their destinations safely. Thank you to Kristin McCallum for contributing the photos of passenger vehicles parked where they should not be. Illustrations are courtesy of ICBC.

How to Stay Healthy as an Over-the-Road Truck Driver

Back off a little and let the truck move over. It may be trying to avoid a hazard ahead you cannot see or needs to take an exit ahead. A great article overall, howsumever there is room on both sides of the fence for the improvement of respect for the other driver — ie truckers respect for passenger type drivers and vice versa. It seems that passenger type drivers have gotta be there not NOW, but right now, with no regard for others on the roads.

Our Top Exercise Tips For Truck Drivers

Failing this is going to bring out the heavy artillery in the form of RCMP, Sheriffs, and other enforcement folks to do the dirty enforcement deeds. I can remember one thing my husband always told his trainees, and I was one of those: "You are not in this alone.

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